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Declaration launched at COP-26 to accelerate collaboration on future climate action tracking

Declaration launched at COP-26 to accelerate collaboration on future climate action tracking

The need for improved accountability was a key theme at the COP-26 Glasgow climate summit, which concluded in mid-November. At the World Leaders Summit held during the first week, UN Secretary Antonio Guterres announced the initiation of an ‘accountability taskforce’ specifically aimed at evaluating the net-zero claims of non-state actors like businesses and subnational governments.

Along the sidelines of the negotiations, the Camda for Credible Climate Action network’s Climate Action Data 2.0 (CAD 2.0) workgroup released a declaration that serves as a means to actually produce climate action accountability with next-generation digital technology.

On November 6 2021 at COP26, Climate Action Room 2 in the Blue Zone, the UN Climate Secretariat hosted an event, “Tracking Credible Climate Action” in partnership with the ClimateWorks Foundation and Camda, a community of data and analytical experts formed in 2017 in response to a call from the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC. The event highlighted the latest work being undertaken to track climate actions from non‐Party Stakeholders. It included a presentation on enhancements made to the Global Climate Action portal (GCAP) to support the tracking and recognition of credible action, as well as the CAD 2.0 declaration.

The declaration was collaboratively drafted with members of the CAD 2.0 working group and includes statements related to encouraging the open, transparent development of open-source datasets and frameworks. Signatories to the statement further pledge to work to address data gaps in the Global South and underrepresented regions, where deficits in climate action data for non-state and subnational actors are particularly stark. They further pledge to apply emerging digital technologies to provide more timely, up to date data and information for regular, periodic stocktakes of climate action to support the goals of the Marrakech Partnership, which a platform launched in 2016 by the Climate Champions to advance cross-sector, collaborative initiatives to tackle climate change.

Link to presentation about the declaration:
Link to official press release from the Climate Champions team:

About Camda and Climate Action Data 2.0

Camda is a community of data and analytical experts, dedicated to providing credible climate action information from regions, cities, businesses, investors, and civil society. Our mission is to use this information to show how the world is transitioning to climate neutrality and resilience in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Climate Action Data 2.0 is a Camda workgroup that was launched in June 2021 and has more than 60 participating organizations. The workgroup is convened by the Camda secretariat and co-convened by Data-Driven EnviroLab and Open Earth Foundation.

About the Global Climate Action Portal (GCAP)

The Global Climate Action portal is an UNFCCC online platform which tracks the climate action of non-Party stakeholders from around the globe – states and regions, cities, businesses, investors and international cooperative initiatives. It is recognized in the decision adopting the Paris Agreement, which encourages non-Party stakeholders to register their actions in the portal. Today the portal recognizes more than 25,000 non-Party stakeholders from over 160 countries, and 151 cooperative initiatives, including initiatives announced at UN SG’s 2019 Climate Action Summit.


UNFCCC Global Climate Action Portal team:
Ian Tout, UNFCCC,
Mayra Santaella, UNFCCC,

Camda Secretariat:
Todd Edwards, Executive Director, Camda,

Climate Action Data 2.0 co-convenors:
Angel Hsu, Director, Data-Driven EnviroLab,
Martin Wainstein, Executive Director, OpenEarth Foundation,


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