Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice & Belonging – Inergency

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice & Belonging – Inergency

At DRBC’s 2Q Business Meeting on June 10, 2020, Executive Director Steve Tambini opened the meeting by sharing the following message on behalf of the DRBC Commissioners and staff:

Statement read by DRBC Ex. Dir. to open the Commission's 2Q Business Meeting on June 10, 2020.


At DRBC, we are committed to the following core values:

  • Service: to the public, the regulated community and our DRBC colleagues.
  • Respect: for each other, the public and the Basin’s water resources.

  • Professionalism: defined by high ethical standards, integrity, continuous improvement and accountability.

And, we are committed to applying these core values to meet the vital goals of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and Belonging (DEIJB). 

In March 2022, the DRBC approved a Resolution for the Minutes that updated our Vision Mission and Values statement to express the Commission’s commitment to the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ).

Ongoing work to meet our DEIJB goals:

  • DRBC has formed an internal workgroup to help develop a DEIJB strategic plan for the Commission that will translate to policy and practices to support DEIJ goals. This plan will demonstrate the DRBC’s commitment to: a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace; environmental justice in our regulatory programs; and allyship with our diverse publics and stakeholders.
  • Additional training, learning and outreach opportunities for staff are being implemented.
  • DRBC staff participate in the Coalition for the Delaware River Watershed’s (CDRW) workgroup on DEIJ. 

Our commitment to DEIJB is essential to our mission of managing, protecting and improving the Basin’s shared water resources. Just as we all can do our parts to keep our waters clean, we all must do our parts to ensure that our Basin community is one of respect, inclusion and equality. Quite simply, we ALL belong in the Delaware River Basin.

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