Ecotech Institute hosts Chris Martenson, author of The Crash Course, Part 2

This is a continuation of a question-and-answer session between energy author Chris Martenson* and students at Ecotech Institute in Denver, Colorado. The moderator is Shawn Lamb, Ecotech Institute Program Director for Energy Efficiency and Wind Energy Technology, two of the associate’s degree programs offered at the college.In this segment, Chris Martenson comments on energy technologies and what the obstacles are in relation to the nation’s dependency on oil. He also talks about the problems related to shale oil drilling and transportation, natural gas, alternative fuels and the relationship between energy resources and our nation’s transportation system. *Chris Martenson is the creator of The Crash Course, a 20-chapter online video course that educates viewers on our broken economic system, the crisis of population demographics, and Peak Oil. Since its launch in 2008, The Crash Course has been viewed millions of times online and has sold over 20,000 DVD copies. Prior to spending four years educating himself and developing the course and other materials to help individuals understand and take action, Chris was a Vice President at a Fortune 300 Company and spent over ten years in corporate finance and strategic consulting. He has a PhD in pathology from Duke University and an MBA from Cornell University.Ecotech Institute trains graduates for careers in the rapidly-growing fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency — with practical, hands-on training designed to meet the demands of cleantech employers.

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