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Emotional Well-being Annual Investigator Meeting

Emotional Well-being Annual Investigator Meeting


The Consortium of Emotional Well Being Networks consists of 6 networks (U24’s) supported by NCCIH, NIA, NICHD, OBSSR, and ODP, with the goals of encouraging conferences, small-scale pilot research, multidisciplinary cross training, and information dissemination among leading scientists across disciplines and institutions.

The Consortium will hold its 2nd Annual Investigator Meeting on March 27, 2023. This meeting provides an opportunity for PIs to share accomplishments, research findings, approaches to network outreach, and plans for future growth of the field of emotional well-being. It will include a keynote address from Dr. Tyler VanderWeele, entitled ‘Flourishing and Emotional Well-Being’, which we intend to videocast to maximize dissemination.

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