Fox Blames Climate Change on Mars ‘Wobbles’


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sanday, a Fox Business stocks editor is pushing back on the notion that the super storm could have been caused by man-made climate change and suggests that it could have been related to “solar flares” or “Mars wobbles.”Fox Business host Stuart Varney, who is known for featuring segments to deny the existence of global warming, on Wednesday lashed out at Democrats like New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Rep. Henry Waxman for “already blaming it on climate change.””Oxford University, places like the St. Petersburg Atmospheric Observatory, they all say there’s climate change,” stocks editor Elizabeth MacDonald told Varney. “But the problem is, is that there’s no consensus on what’s causing it.””Is it solar flares? Is it the Mars wobbles? Is it the Earth’s axis tilting in a different way?” she suggested, ignoring that most climate scientists point to man-made causes like fossil fuels.”* Cenk Uygur breaks down this insane reaching for answers and utter refusal to accept climate change as a viable reason for extreme weather events. *Read more from David Edwards/Raw Story: the Fox News video via Media Matters: The Young Turks by Subscribing The Young Turks by Shopping Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: TYT Merch:

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