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From painters and sculptors, Venezuelans begin to make art history in Gainesville – WUFT News

From painters and sculptors, Venezuelans begin to make art history in Gainesville – WUFT News

“I feel so proud that, little by little, our artists are transcending throughout frontiers, growing and expressing our culture. I’m glad that everyone can have an opportunity,” said Daniela Ruiz, a Venezuelan who lives in Gainesville and is familiar with Romero’s art from Venezuela.

Arianna Uberti, who is also Venezuelan, is recognized for her illustrations in Gainesville. Uberti started creating art after an accident she had when she fell out of a tree, and from there she found her new passion.

“Thanks to her, many people have a piece of Venezuela in them. Thanks to her art,” said Maria Barroeta, a Venezuelan student living in Gainesville.

Uberti is not only dedicated to making paintings that represent Venezuela, but she said she is also inspired by Gainesville.

“My paintings are happy illustrations because the idea is that, when people see them or get close to them, they put a smile on their face,” shared Uberti.

Uberti said she decided to fully dedicate herself to her art after she started posting her drawings and she saw that people were quite receptive.

“I thought, ‘this can become something a little beyond just drawing,’” Uberti said.

Uberti said she is happy to represent a part of herself and the Venezuelan community in Gainesville.

“What you do becomes your identity. I am Arianna, but I am an illustrator, my art is me, it is what I do,” said Uberti.

She also participated in a contest online on a platform called Talent House where she submitted illustrations representing jazz and the city of New Orleans, and she won. Her first exhibit in Gainesville was in 2021.

Uberti has created different art around Gainesville, and this month she started to paint a mural at Alachua County Animal Resources & Care.

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