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Hurricane Awareness Tour – Tallahassee

Hurricane Awareness Tour – Tallahassee

Hurricane experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will visit

five U.S. Gulf Coast locations, flying aboard a USAF Reserve WC-130J hurricane hunter aircraft

and a NOAA WP-3D Orion aircraft, to raise awareness of the impacts from tropical cyclones

threats and the danger of being caught without a personal hurricane plan.

The 2023 Hurricane Awareness Tour is scheduled in Tallahassee, Florida. 


National Hurricane Center Warning Coordination Meteorologist Daniel Brown and Senior Hurricane Specialist Robbie Berg, USAF hurricane hunter crew members, NOAA aircraft crew members, National Weather Service Meteorologists, and staff from collaborating federal, state, and local government agencies will be on hand to educate residents of vulnerable communities about hurricane preparedness, and will be available for media interviews.     


Event Information

What: 2023 Hurricane Awareness Tour

Where: Tallahassee International Airport 

                 3240 Capital Circle 

                 Tallahassee, FL 32310

When: May 4th, 2023

Admission: FREE!


Things To Do: 

  • Tour Hurricane Hunter aircraft
  • Meet the pilots & flight crew
  • Speak with hurricane forecasters
  • Meet with local National Weather Service meteorologists
  • Walk through exhibits from various agencies & organizations
  • Learn about weather safety & preparedness

WC-130J – “Hercules”

The WC-130J is a high-wing, medium-range aircraft used in weather reconnaissance missions. This plane is configured to penetrate tropical disturbances and storms, hurricanes and winter storms and obtains data on the movement, size and intensity of these systems. The WC-130J is the weather data collection platform for the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron. It carries a minimal crew of five: pilot, co-pilot, navigator, aerial reconnaissance weather officer and weather reconnaissance loadmaster. The crew collects and reports weather data as often as every minute.



WP-3D – “Orion”

The versatile turboprop aircraft is equipped with a variety of scientific instrumentation, radars, and recording systems for both in-situ and remote sensing measurements of the atmosphere, the earth, and its’ environment. Orion aircraft collects low-altitude data to fill gaps in data not available from ground-based radar or satellite imagery.


Schedule information will be added when it becomes available. Check back soon!


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List of NOAA/NWS People: This will be updated when the information becomes available. Check back soon!


List of Partners: A full list of attending partners is still being formulated. Please check back soon!



Hurricane Information and Safety

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Develop Action Plan

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Insurance Checkup

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