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Our Ocean Panama Youth Leadership Summit: Meet Emily

Our Ocean Panama Youth Leadership Summit: Meet Emily

Sustainable Ocean Alliance is proud to co-organize the Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit (OOYLS) in Panama this coming February. We are helping to bring together an incredible group of youth from around the world to tackle the greatest challenges facing the ocean. In this series leading up to the conference, you will get to learn a bit about some of the participants! Check out SOA’s blog for updates.

Meet Emily De Sousa, 27, of Canada


Emily De Sousa, 27, is a fisheries scientist and sustainable seafood educator currently based in Canada. Her family is from the Açores Islands in Portugal, where life – and the economy – are driven by the ocean, which has fueled her passion in the space. Her focus area at OOYLS will be sustainable fisheries.

Emily has contributed to academic research on the topic of sustainable fisheries as a graduate student and independent researcher. Her work and policy reports related to direct marketing in small-scale fisheries, the impact of COVID-19 on global seafood supply chains, and policy recommendations to address seafood fraud and mislabelling have been published in several academic journals. She has also produced a science communication podcast called Social FISHtancing, which covered how the pandemic impacted seafood stakeholders around the world.

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While her research contributions have been significant, she is most proud of the positive impact she has made as a seafood educator. Through her social media platforms and website, Seaside with Emily, she has been creating content that explains the science of sustainable seafood to the average consumer. This was particularly important to her because as an academic, she often found herself frustrated by how poorly research and information was communicated to the general public. That was one of the main motivations for her to focus on improving science communication in the seafood space. Through this work, she’s had the opportunity to partner with organizations like the Local Catch Network, SeaChoice, the Marine Stewardship Council of Canada, and various industry partners.

“I am looking forward to attending the Our Ocean Conference in Panama to connect with fellow ocean lovers and changemakers,” Emily says. “I’m excited to work with such a dynamic group to create innovative solutions to the ocean’s biggest challenges.”

You can learn more about Emily’s work on her website, and by following her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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