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Great green wall solution

There are many problems in Saharan Africa such as political unstability, famine, desertification, droughts and then floods, and of course, climate change. There is, luckily, a holistic solution with can improve all of these variables, and…


A film introduction to the company, the crop and the key players in Sun Biofuels' pioneering project in Mozambique. We see how the company has successfully collaborated with the authorities and the local communities in this exciting new…

Robert Murphy: Busting the Myth of Green Jobs

Green jobs and cap and trade are touted as planet-saving, job creating endeavors that will also rescue our ailing economy. IER economist Robert Murphy thinks there's more to this story, and examines these assertions in a speech at the…

An interview with Natalie Bennett

The leader of Britain's Green Party on why the wealthy should pay more tax, how to sell expensive renewable technology to poor countries and why the bookies don't always get it right

California Green Business Program is asking all small businesses to join the California Green Business Program in 2012. The program, which started in 1995, is now going statewide. Businesses have a choice of ways to become certified green such as…
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