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RealClimate: New misguided interpretations of the greenhouse effect from William Kininmonth

RealClimate: New misguided interpretations of the greenhouse effect from William Kininmonth


I have not have the time to interfere too much also here, but again I saw the problem as the flat earthers were participating also.

In fact….. We were forced to a problem at the institute of physics,

In the good old days…..

It was a sphaere of aluminium polished matt by 90 deg sandpaper, Diameter 50 cm rotating in vacuum exactly 1 AU from the sun,

The solar constant is….. and the bolzmann constant is…..

Compute the temperature inside of that sputnik.

Now, paint exactly the half side black with soot and binder,…. I can suggest many recepies but there are sprayboxes and tape on the free market for this.. In any case, Kameraschwarz and Fordschwarz must be known and remembered for such eventual problems I use soot with conventional slime, and whenever appropriate, cheapest lipid oil and heat that gives repeatedly oiled and black burnt smoked off frying pan. That becomes very black, with practically 90% absorbance = emittance at any practical frequencies.

Ford sold all in black, but Henry Ford instead uset coal tar kiln fired. Which is Ford- schwarz a very cheap, exsellent practical, and permanent finish.. “allmost quite black and diffuse enough”

Brushede, pure alu8minium plate diffuse reflection is then the opposite and permanent surface situauion. the very best “light grey metallic”

Now, compute the angle Alpha by which you will have to turn that sphaere against the sun to have comfortable living room temperature inside of it.

It is proably Otto Øgrim and Helmut Ormestad on their very best. I shall never forget that problem. of the early Sputnik ages. Of possible theoretical comfort in a Sputnik.

Readers Digest, Popular Mecxhanics and Scientific American could not be better.

There is still nothing new in space and chosmonautics after Tsiolkovsky,
But Ormestad & Øgrim told us to compute the living room standard temperatures inside of it also, at eqvilibrium..

The moon is another standard reference, a sphareical porous grey stone rotating in vacuum under full sunshine at 1 AU from then sun as seen through 1 atmosphere. Easily remembered.. They will not grasp it and try rather and tell it in %s.

The troubble here is that when we argue with this, the Tsiolkovskiy, Øgrim Ormestad Kirchoff Celsius Planc and Bolzmann- chosmology, the alternatives react by teaching the people on behalf of science that we believe the earth to be flat, … smile.

I have had it at Forskning. no and

Thus, a W. Kininmoth is nothing new on the websites and in the climate disputes.

The conscept of sun shining in on the moon and the earths global square area and they are radiating out on 4 times that area is strange, unheard of, and ridiculous to that bloodgroup.

So consequent that we can begin assessing their early childhood experiences for possible diagnoses and political racial identification.

They fight and ridicule even the Øgrim Ormestad Sputnik problem.

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