Solar road could change how we power the world-14th may 2014


The Solar Roadway hopes to use the large, flat areas provided by roads to generate solar power, decreasing the reliance on fossil fuel energyWhat if one single source of renewable energy could replace our reliance on coal-fired energy? That’s the dream of electrical engineer Scott Brusaw, who, for the better part of a decade, has been working on just such a project. His idea? Cover all the roadways and parking lots in the US with photovoltaic panels to harvest the power of the sun.In the intervening eight years, Brusaw and his wife have received two rounds of funding from the US Federal Highway Administration to develop Solar Roadways.The Solar Roadways system consists of interlocking tempered glass hexagonal panels, which have been tested for impact, load and traction. Embedded in these panels are photovoltaic panels that harvest the power of the sun, making use of the wide expanses of road and parking lots, many of which can sit empty for long periods of time. These panels, the Brusaws say, can be hooked up to homes and businesses via driveways and parking lots.”A nationwide system could produce more clean renewable energy than a country uses as a whole,” Brusaw writes. “They have many other features as well, including: heating elements to stay snow/ice free, LEDs to make road lines and signage, and attached Cable Corridor to store and treat stormwater and provide a ‘home’ for power and data cables.”This may sound like an unrealistically lofty goal, but the idea is being taken seriously. It has won awards and nominations from GE, the World Technology Award, Google and the IEEE Ace Awards, and Brusaw has spoken at TEDx, NASA, and Google’s Solve for X.TAGS:abc breaking news, bbc, bbc football, bbc iplayer, bbc news, bbc news america, bbc persian, bbc sport, bbc weather, bbc world news, breaking celebrity news, breaking election news, breaking late news, breaking local news, breaking music news, breaking news, breaking news alerts, breaking news canada, breaking news headlines, breaking news in atlanta, breaking news in nigeria, breaking news india, breaking news pensacola florida, breaking news plane crash, breaking news story, breaking sports news, business expensive news home media world, christian world news, cnn, cnn breaking news, cnn money, cnn news, cnn news breaking news, cnn news world, detroit breaking news, global news, headline, headline news, health care technology news, hot latest global news, internet technology news, las vegas breaking news, latest breaking news, latest celebrity news, latest information technology news, latest music news, latest news, latest news headlines, latest news update, latest sports news, live breaking news, local breaking news, local news today, msn breaking news, nbc breaking news, nbc world news, news of the world, news report us world, news today news, news updated daily, solar technology news, sports news today, technology news, the latest news, today news, us news and world, us news and world report, us news and world report magazine, us news and world report web site, us news world report, world news, world news daily, world news headlines,Ukrainian,Ukraine Protest,Ukraine Crisis,Ukraine Ex-Leader,Malaysia Airline Latest News,Malaysia Airlines Searching,Malaysia Airline Searched,Malaysia Airlines Missing,Malaysia Airlines Crashes video,Malaysia Airline Footage,Malaysia Airline Crashed,Crashed,Malaysia Plane Crashed,Malaysia Plane Today News,Malaysia Plane Latest News,Plane News,Today Plane Breaking News,Today Malaysia Airline Latest News,Malaysia Airlines MH370,China In New Debris Clue,Satellite Images Of Malaysia Airlines,Malaysia Airlines Flight 370,Missing Malaysia Airlines,Malaysia Airport.

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