Spoilers from Sophie: ‘The Bachelor: Week 3’

Spoilers from Sophie: ‘The Bachelor: Week 3’

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Season 28 of “The Bachelor” is starring Joey Graziadei.

Oh boy! This week Joey faced his first “she said, she said” drama, and with 18 women remaining, he was left to make some decisions. 

The first group date of the week was with Edwina, Kelsey A., Lexi, Allison, Madina, Chrissa, Leah, Sydney and Maria. The women and Joey were met by Susan, April, Kathy and Nancy — some “Golden Bachelor” alum — who call themselves The ASKN ladies, and “When you, ask we tell!”

And Joey definitely needed them to tell the truth as the women were competing in a pageant to be crowned “Mrs. Right.” After only getting an hour to prepare for three rounds — Sunday chill fit fashion show, Q&A and talent show — the women took the stage to win over Joey. 

After some interesting questions were asked — like to Maria of how she might spice up the passion in 30 years — the women moved onto the talent portion. Sydney made it clear that she competed in Miss. USA competitions before, by saying, “I’m not sure what I’m even seeing — I’ve been in actual competitions before.” And as Sydney took the stage doing the most awkward cheer chant of “Joey is the one for me,” she was left embarrassing herself. 

Following Sydney’s awkward performance, Lexi took the stage to show Joey that she is “The world’s best kisser.” After kissing Joey in front of all the women, Lexi received the title of “Mrs. Right,” leaving the other women to be mad since she, “Didn’t show true talent.”

At the evening portion of the date, tension started getting high as Madina explained to Joey that she felt bullied last week because, “Someone kept coming up to me asking who was spreading rumors about her. Because of that I felt bullied.” Joey then asked her who the woman was, to which Madina said she didn’t feel comfortable sharing that information. 

As Joey approached all of the women on the date — after handing out the group date rose to Lexi — he said, “If there is bullying going on I do not tolerate it. If there is something I should know, I need to know.” When Joey left the room, Sydney also said she felt bullied by Maria. Maria apologized to Madina for the miscommunication, but called Sydney a troublemaker. Sydney got up and said, “I’m done getting attacked tonight, if anyone wants to come I’m leaving.” To which everyone awkwardly stayed sitting.  

Back at the house, Jenn received the one-on-one date for the week. After meeting Joey at the beach, they changed into their wetsuits to go surfing. Jenn talked about how she feels safe around Joey, and he said he mightn’t have picked anyone else for this date. 

During the dinner portion of the date, Jenn opens up about her childhood and how she no longer has a relationship with her father. She said how she never thought she can be loved, but is ready to find her person. Joey said he can see her as his partner, and Jenn accepted the rose as lights lit up the sky saying, “Jenn, will you accept this rose?”  

At the final date of the week, Katelyn, Autumn, Rachel, Daisy, Evelyn, Kesley T., Starr and Jess all played for the “Bachelor Open.” After receiving tennis lessons from professional tennis players, James Blake and Pam Shriver, the women paired up and changed into costumes to compete. Kelsey T. and Evelyn — dressed as lobster and butter — competed in tough matches and won the — very competitive — first ever “Bachelor Open.” 

Transitioning to the evening portion of the date, Katelyn shares with Joey how she has a “family curse” because none of the women in her family are married. Joey said how he thinks it is amazing she is surrounded by powerful women.

He then sits down with Daisy where they follow up about their one-on-one date last week. She then asks if he wants to touch her cochlear implant, which he did and said, “It isn’t something that makes you different, but instead it makes you special.” At the end of the date, Joey ended up giving Katelyn the group date rose for her vulnerability. 

With all the women back at the mansion, Jesse Palmer shares that instead of a cocktail party there will be a pool party with KFC. As the women sprint to get the KFC outside, somehow the drama with Sydney and Maria continues. 

Sydney sits down with Joey and talks about how Maria is a mean girl, crossing the line, can’t have peace in the house, an attacker and created a hostile environment. This actually left me speechless. 

Joey pulled Maria aside, and as Maria told her side of the story, becoming emotional, Joey shared how he felt more real with Maria than Sydney. Maria told Joey if he likes Sydney he can’t like her, because they are complete opposites. 

After a crazy pool party — filled with a lot of KFC — the women head into the rose ceremony. Joey handed out 15 roses, with the final two going to Sydney and Maria. This left Charissa, Evalin and Starr to be sent home. 

Get ready for next week, because Joey and the women travel to Malta for — what should be — a crazy two-night Bachelor week! 

This story was written by Sophie Goldstein. She can be reached at [email protected]

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