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Innova MGO SIP building panels

Innova MGO SIP panels are highly energy efficient, durable and easy to erect. Our panels are Florida Product approved and hurricane tested. MGO is highly resistant to fire, does not mold or rot. We use only the highest grade building…

SIPS by Innova Eco Building System

Light weight, energy efficient SIP building system by Innova Eco Building System. There is an easier way to build, it's the Innova Way! Contact us to build your house of the future today!

Innova Eco Building System SIP Installation Manual

Structural Insulated Panel Installation manual. Innova manufactures OSB, Cement Fiber and MGO SIPs. Our energy efficient building kits can be installed in less than 5 days with a 5 man semi-skilled crew for most of our designs. We export…

Innova Kit Housing – Amur House

Innova Eco Building System presents the Amur House in 3D. We manufacture energy efficient prefabricated housing using SIP. Most of our single family building kits can be erected in as little as 5 days. Florida Product Approvals, contract…