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John Tooby (1952-2023) |

JOHN TOOBY (July 26, 1952-November 9, 2023) was the founder of the field of Evolutionary Psychology, co-director (with his wife, Leda Cosmides) of the Center for Evolutionary Psychology, and professor of anthropology at UC Santa…

In Memory of Ocean Visionary John Knauss

Recently, legendary oceanographer Dr. John Knauss passed away. The mark he left on National Ocean Service, NOAA, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the larger ocean community is lasting and profound. Dr. John Knauss was a driving force behind the creation of the…

Dr. John Hildebrand-Ambient Noise in the Ocean

Human generated noise in the ocean has increased steadily in the last few decades. Scientist John Hildebrand talks about how animals use sound and how the increase in sound is another form of pollution that can threaten marine life.

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