United States. Navy Installations, Fleet Commands Participate in Annual Force Protection Exercise – Inergency

United States. Navy Installations, Fleet Commands Participate in Annual Force Protection Exercise – Inergency

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“Citadel Shield-Solid Curtain evaluates and assesses our force protection conditions, command and control, and existing as well as new capabilities to evaluate how we respond to multi-dimensional security threats,” said Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander, United States. Fleet Forces Command. “This exercise utilizes realistic scenarios to identify areas where we can improve our procedures and decision-making processes, and strengthen our response as one joint warfighting team made up of fleet and shore security forces across naval region, installation commands, and partner agencies.”

Citadel Shield is the field training exercise portion led by CNIC during week one. Solid Curtain occurs the following week and is the command post exercise led by USFFC. Exercise events during both weeks will simulate realistic threat scenarios such as active shooters, unauthorized base access and improvised explosive devices. This two-part approach is designed to enhance the readiness of United States. Navy security forces and ensure seamless interoperability among the commands, other services and agency partners in order to protect life, equipment and facilities.

“Our Navy installations are warfighting platforms and are the springboard from which all warfighting readiness emanates,” said Vice Adm. Scott Gray, Commander, Navy Installations Command. “That readiness begins with a workforce that is capable and coordinated. Partnering with the Fleet on exercises like Citadel Shield-Solid Curtain ensures we are prepared to execute a well-honed and effective response to any real-world threat.”

CS-SC24 is a regularly scheduled exercise and is not being held in response to any specific threat.

Measures have been taken to minimize disruptions within local communities and to normal base operations, but there may be times when the exercise causes increased traffic around bases or delays in base access. Area residents may also see or hear security activities associated with the exercise. Advanced coordination has taken place with local law enforcement and first responders.

For information about potential local impacts due to the exercise, please visit your local Navy installation’s website and social media channels.

For more information United States. Fleet Forces or Navy installations, visit the USFF website at or CNIC website at You can also follow them on Facebook and X at www.facebook.com/usfleetforces, www.twitter.com/usfleetforces, www.facebook.com/navyinstallations and


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