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This 2005 photograph depicts a female Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is the primary vector for the spread of Dengue fever. The virus that causes Dengue is maintained in the mosquito's life cycle, and involves humans, to whom the virus is…

ROSES 2023: E.8 Physical Sciences Informatics

Funding Opportunity ID: 350220Opportunity Number: NNH23ZDA001N-PSIOpportunity Title:ROSES 2023: E.8 Physical Sciences InformaticsOpportunity Category:DiscretionaryOpportunity Category Explanation:Funding Instrument Type: Cooperative…


This image from April 2004, depicts a native Bangladeshi man climbing a palm tree in order to harvest the tree's sap for consumption. However, it has been shown, that the consumption of raw palm tree sap can lead to the acquisition of…
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