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Inergency offers exciting and unique internships that help participants reach a range of academic and professional goals.

YES! Teen Internship Program

The Youth International Emergency and disaster response program is a program run by Inergency and is a career immersion and science communication program for youth ages 14-19, who are currently enrolled in high school (grades 9-11) in any part of the world.


This program gives interns practical experience through a hands-on digital communication with Inergency staff.

Interns work in pairs on a project led by a Inergency mentor and by participating in the program, teens also have access to behind-the-scenes workshops, college preparatory classes, and the opportunity to create their own emergency and disaster response communication video.

During each week of the program, interns typically spend two days shadowing their Inergency mentor and learning a variety of skills, including:

The primary purpose of the Editor position is to create and manage emergency and disaster response educational content.

In addition provides editorial and writing support and…

  • Edits and writes supporting copy for Inergency-wide materials.
  • Develops and maintains a working knowledge of the brand’s visual and voice guidelines.
  • Evaluates copy to ensure it is clear, logically presented, consistent, grammatically correct, and appropriate for the target audience.
  • Works with designers, production managers and digital producers as necessary to complete projects with partners across all our digital brands.
  • Works tactfully with authors writing about the museum to copy edit and suggest improvements.
  • Working closely with outside and in-house authors, edits texts to ensure clarity and logical presentation of material, consistency and effectiveness of style, and accuracy of spelling and grammar.
  • Makes corrections, suggests improvements, and conforms to Inergeny brand guidelines and style.
  • Maintains highest standards of excellence in editing, design, and production, including awareness of and sensitivity to inclusive language


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