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The Climate Impacts We Saw in 2021

If we’re lucky, history will remember 2021 as the year that even rich nations finally stopped talking about the climate crisis in the future tense. Or just a problem for someone else, somewhere else. The tragedy is that it took a…

5 Reasons to Look Forward to 2022

There’s no doubt that 2021 was another year of climate highs and lows. The lows? Well, they were mostly unprecedented highs. In 2021, Europe set its all-time record for the hottest summer.  As the temperatures climbed to…

We Need Winter

Winters are changing faster than any season. That’s not exactly great news. But to a lot of folks, the idea of a little less winter doesn’t seem so bad. After all, warmer temperatures can mean less snow, and that means less…

Why Melting Ice in Antarctica is Making Waves

This past December, the massive Thwaites Glacier in Western Antarctica made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Specifically, because new research revealed that the ice shelf preventing it from sliding into the ocean and drastically…
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