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It’s a Gas! (PDF, 165 kb)

Grades 9-12 Focus: Gas Hydrates (Chemistry) In this activity, students will discover the importance of carbon, where carbon is stored on Earth, and that the largest…

Traffic Fatality in the 7700 block of E Ben White Blvd SVRD EB

Case:                           22-3340421     Time:                          8:37 a.m. Date:                           Wednesday, November 30, 2022 Location:                   7700 block of E. Ben White Blvd SVRD EB Deceased:…

Fourth National Climate Assessment: Chapter :

The Southeast includes vast expanses of coastal and inland low-lying areas, the southern portion of the Appalachian Mountains, numerous high-growth metropolitan areas, and large rural expanses. These beaches and bayous, fields and…