February Practitioner Spotlight: Kayla LaShell Harley – Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

Holistic Integrative Wellness Practitioner/ Optimal Life Breathologist

Company Name: The Beebodi Marketplace 

We’re thrilled to introduce Kayla Harley in our Practitioner Spotlight for February! Kayla’s journey into the world of mental health and wellness is both inspiring and transformative. A Yankee-Bermudian, Kayla was born in Washington D.C. and raised by a family deeply rooted in healthcare. Her passion for art, history, culture, and nature coupled with her background as a dancer led her to explore somatics and holistic care, particularly after surviving a life-altering car accident in 2011. Kayla’s experience with chronic pain fueled her commitment to holistic healing, eventually leading her to become a certified Optimal Life Breathologist, Postpartum Doula, and GYROTONIC®/GYROKINESIS® Instructor. In 2017, she launched The Beebodi Marketplace, offering personalized sessions both in-person and virtually. Kayla’s dedication to community service and her innovative approach to integrative wellness have earned her recognition as a 2023 BLHF Joy Award Recipient.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kayla to learn more about her unique methods and techniques for supporting mental well-being, her views on the future of mental health care, and much more:

BLHF: What unique methods or techniques do you use in your practice to support the mental well-being of your clients?

Kayla: “I like to keep things light, fun, and accessible with my clients. I meet them where they are, infusing personalized experiences with humor, storytelling, and engaging activities. From personalized playlists to specialized modalities like breathwork, guided meditation, and GYROKINESIS®, I empower clients to explore different tools and elements that enhance their mental and somatic experiences.”

BLHF: How do you leverage technology and digital tools to enhance the therapeutic experience for your clients?

Kayla: “I believe in endless possibilities when it comes to engaging clients in their bodies and minds. I encourage the use of diffusers with essential oils, soundscape music, vibrational resonance toners, and recorded affirmations to create a serene and immersive environment during sessions. Additionally, I occasionally record guided meditations or affirmations to support clients between sessions.”

BLHF: How do you address the biggest misconception about mental health among young adults in your practice?

Kayla: “Many young adults today are the first in their families to seek mental health support, facing barriers such as lack of support, financial constraints, or cultural stigma. In my practice, I offer affordable pricing options, free wellness consultations, and encourage clients to invite loved ones into sessions. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, I empower clients to prioritize their mental well-being without fear or hesitation.”

BLHF: How do you prioritize your own self-care and well-being?

Kayla: “I prioritize self-care by indulging in “Me-Treats” like traveling, attending festivals, and spending time in nature. I also support other practitioners by seeking acupuncture, massages, or taking dance and yoga classes. Family time is essential, and I often unwind with activities like reading, journaling, or listening to music or podcasts. During meals, especially dinner, I make a conscious effort to disconnect from social media and focus on being present.”

BLHF: How do you see pop culture influencing conversations around mental health, and do you think it’s helping to reduce stigma?

Kayla: Celebrities and public figures are increasingly open about their mental health journeys, which reshapes societal norms. Mentions of therapy and self-care in interviews humanize these experiences, encouraging conversations within communities and families. Pop culture integration, such as in movies like The Best Man Holiday and shows like Workin Moms, further diminishes stigma by portraying mental health struggles realistically and compassionately.

BLHF: How do you envision the future of mental health care, especially in terms of accessibility and inclusivity for younger generations?

Kayla: “I envision a future where mental health care is accessible to all, regardless of age or background. Healthcare plans should cover therapy and integrative wellness care from an early age, with an emphasis on rehabilitation and inclusivity. By integrating mindfulness practices into schools and communities, we can create a culture that values mental well-being as much as physical health.”

Fun Rapid-Fire Round:

BLHF: Favorite self-care activity?

Kayla: “Sound healing.”

BLHF: Go-to stress-relief song or playlist?

Kayla: “Songs by Curtis Mayfield or Solfeggio Healing Frequencies.”

BLHF: Last book or podcast that left a lasting impression on you?

Kayla: Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Sarah Hendrickx.”

BLHF: One piece of advice you wish you could give your younger self?

Kayla: “Walk slowly; your greatness will unfold in time. Enjoy more of the moments—you deserve it. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself.”

BLHF: Any final words of wisdom or encouragement for young adults struggling with their mental health?

Kayla: “There is only one of you. You are worth investing in, so never second-guess the need to take time, energy, money, and effort to do so. Your mind and your mental space are more than idle chatter in your brain—it’s through lived experiences that you discover yourself.”

Kayla’s dedication to holistic healing and mental well-being serves as an inspiration to us all. We’re grateful for her tireless commitment to empowering individuals on their mental health journey. Thank you, Kayla, for all that you do!

Be sure to follow Kayla’s journey on social media: @beebodi and @thegkbabe

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