Hurricane Sandy – Mayor Bloomberg Says “It’s Global Warming Stupid”


Oliver Stone: Sandy Is ‘Punishment’ For Obama & Romney’s Silence On Climate Change My Momma Says Obama! During his inaugural address on Jan. 21, Obama spoke with surprising clarity and urgency about the need to fight global warming:New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed President Barack Obama for re-election, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has only good things to say about the president’s response to Hurricane Sandy, leaving his party wondering Romney Thinks Global-Warming is a ‘Joke’ My Momma Says Obama! Sandy was also affected by other symptoms of the climate crisis,” Al Gore wrote. “As the hurricane approached the East Coast, it gathered strength from abnormally warm coastal waters. At the same time, Sandy’s storm surge was worsened by a century of sea level rise. Scientists tell us that if we do not reduce our emissions, these problems will only grow worse.”Willy Wonka: Oh, you should never, never doubt what nobody is sure about. Al Gore was right!

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