I Am Eco Warrior: A Book, a Film, a Social Media Movement


individuality + innovation + inspiration + impact = IAMECO WarriorEntrepreneur, award-winning photographer, author and visionary, Roger Moenks is internationally renowned and best known for his creative artistry that is current yet timeless. He has been a pioneer in the sustainability movement, bringing environmental issues to the forefront of pop culture since 2009, when he embarked on a worldwide journey to create the I Am Eco Warrior book. Today, IAMECO connects sustainable causes, products and solutions to people and brands who believe that our actions today positively impact generations tomorrow.Subscribe to the IAMECO Warrior YouTube channel to be inspired by more than 50 global game-changers who address the environmental crisis in innovative and groundbreaking ways. Add your voice to the conversation: share your IAMECO Stories, Causes and Solutions.Become an IAMECO Warrior. Visit www.iamecowarrior.com.

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