My Response to Rio + 20 Earth Summit: Blame Yourself for Killing Mother Earth


I’m tired of environmentalists and lovers of Mother Earth directing all their rage & anger over global warming, climate change, and general pollution of the earth’s land & air & water at multi-national corporations and world governments, when they themselves are to blame. Corporations are accountable to shareholders, not to Mother Earth. Governments are accountable to the money that put them in power, not to Mother Earth. YOU are accountable for how you spend your money & to how you consume [natural resources]…….in other words, Mother Earth depends on YOU alone to safeguard her resources sustainably & to guard her from exploitation. If you direct your passions to BUYING and CONSUMING (in other words, you work to consume rather than work to give), then apocalyptic climate change is obviously your fault. Brittany Trilford’s speech to the Rio + 20 opening plenary was all cute & “precious”, but she’s incredibly naive. If twisting the arms of governments to pass regulatory laws on corporations is environmentalists’ answer to sustainable development, then it will be another 20 years from now where some cute girl speaks before a United Nations committee to demand the same laws never implemented while Mother Earth is sick with cancer (and a Severn or Brittany will be knee deep in saltwater giving the speech).

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