Stand Up Paddle Board – Eco Friendly Built with PET Bottles Cheap and Affordable by

Learn for Free here – Discover how to Afford an Eco Friendly Stand up Paddle Board! — Transform PET Bottles into a Fantastic Stand up Paddle Board- No Experience Needed! -No Specialized Tools Needed!Short Story of PET Bottle Stand up Paddle BoardsIt was in 2007 that Brazilian surfer Jairo Lumertz, living in Hawaii at the time, watched a soda PET bottle float by him in Hawaiian waters. This gave him the remarkable idea to combine his two passions, surfing and protecting nature, by creating stand up paddle boards and surfboards made out of PET bottles!After many trials and errors, he finally completed a perfected PET bottle board in 2011. Jairo and his girlfriend, Carolina, share this FANTASTIC invention through free workshops at public schools and beaches, in order to help children and adults take up stand up paddling and surfing. This activity reduces waste on our planet through the reuse of disposed PET bottlesEcoGaropaba non for profit organizationJairo founded EcoGaropaba, a non-profit organization, in January 2012. The foundation has two important causes: Sharing the invention of building PET bottle SUP boards and surfboards, and cleaning beaches. We have been doing each of these since August 2012 in the state of Santa Catarina.—- Learn to build your own Stand up Paddle board —We offer you an online video course that explains Jairos techniques for building PET bottle boards. This course was planned and approved by Jairo and all profits go to his foundation The online course was created by Teo Seifer, an Argentinian living in Brazil since January 2013 and a former student of Jairo. Its a 7 step online video course with written explanations below each video. There are no downloads required. —- What Are The Benefits Of This Course —+ This method is proven to work! The boards are proven to work by hundreds of people and counting.+ You can complete the course in the comfort of your own home, at the office, or even on the go!+ It is affordable: only $100 spent on materials ONCE! You save more than $1000.+ ULTRA LIGHT BOARDS! A perfect fit for kids, women and people with disabilities. Our boards are 12 lbs. or less.+ You can start experiencing SUPing and/or surfing sooner than ever.+ You will be able to enjoy working out while riding your board.+ You help the environment. No harmful chemicals are involved. + You have fun building, riding and showing off your own vessel!About the 7 step online video course+ The videos are less than 90 minutes in total.+ With one payment you receive online support for 6 months!+ The website and member areas are 100% compatible with Windows OS and MAC OS.+ Its also fully responsive. You are able to watch the videos and read the steps on any digital device: A desktop, laptop, netbook, notebook, tablet, iPad, iPhone and other smartphones.+ The member area and videos work on all major browsers.+ Access to the online video course in less than five minutes from now!+ Build Your PET Bottle SUP Board or Surfboard With- 2 to 4 bungee cords- Sandpaper- A measuring tape- 2 to 4 wooden boards- Working glovesand 2 to 4 bricks+Register for free here! than 500 people are actively using their stand up paddle boards and surfboards along the southern coast of Brazil. At the same time, a Brazilian couple of physical educators, Renata and Neil, are also giving lectures every month in Gold Coast, Australia at Bond University. reAnd Teo does the same in Jurere, Santa Catarina, Florianpolis, Brasi

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