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We Gave Congress a New Heart

By Isra Nadeem  On Sunday, February 11th, as most Americans watched the Super Bowl, the people of Rafah were bombed in an assault  that led to 95+ deaths. The following night, the Senate held a late-night…

35th International geographical congress

Welcome to the 35th International Geographical Congress – Dublin 2024Welcome … Bienvenue … Céad Míle Fáilte.It is my absolute pleasure to invite you to the 35th International Geographical Congress (IGC) which will be held in Ireland in…

While Congress Slept

Title While Congress Slept Abstract More than four years after September 11, the executive’s aggressive stance on its own institutional powers has been paired with the legislative’s largely silent acquiescence to fundamental and

Climate change and Congress

Washington Post reporter Brad Plumer discusses the hurdles of passing climate legislation in Congress at a Wonkblog Debate on climate to PostTV on YouTube: : PostTV on Twitter: PostTV on Tumblr:

US Congress blocks Obamas climate change plan

As US president Barack Obama gathered with world leaders in Paris to work out a global climate deal .. Republicans in the US Congress voted to block Obamas plan to force cuts in power plant emissions. The House blocked two resolutions…

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