What are some careers I might pursue with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology? – Part 2


Graduates from the Electrical Engineering Technology program at Ecotech Institute are working in a variety of industries. Patrick Longstreth, Program Director, talks about some of them.”Of course biomedical is an area I think that our students would have a great opportunity in because the good news and the bad news of it is people — the bad news is people are going to keep getting sick. The good news is people are going to still get sick. So there’s always going to be a need for those type of technicians out there that can go to work on MRIs, CAT scan equipment. You look in any hospital room and you’ll see electronics all over the place in there. So there are going to be opportunities there in the biomed area. there are going to be opportunities possibly in avionics for students to take their basic background in electronics and use them on aircraft or in the aviation industry or work in airports where you have electronic equipment that are on the ground, on the ground type control electronics. Communications, broadcast engineering where you see people go to work for radio stations or go to work in t.v. stations to help keep the signal up for broadcasting. So the areas of opportunity in that field are so broad that you can almost redefine yourself. Data communications is another area I see students going to work in. Telephone communications and things like that.”Ecotech Institute in Aurora, Colorado is the college for renewable energy and environmental sustainability.http://ecotechinstitute.com

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